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A good pair of shoes can go a long way – you can wear them again and again, season after season, with different outfits! 

We have a lovely collection of shoes to match your modest outfits: summer sandals, winter boots, classic sneakers, stylish mules, and more!

A classic collection of shoes for all seasons  from women’s boots to women’s sandals  is essential for your wardrobe. Stylish shoes can refresh an old outfit, express your unique taste, and bring summer and spring dresses and skirts into fall and winter.

Here are some timeless women’s shoe styles that look good with a variety of outfits: 

  • White sneakers
  • Ballet flats
  • Black heeled boots
  • Pumps 
  • Simple slide-on sandals
  • Knee-high boots
  • Strappy sandals (flat or heeled) 
  • Loafers
  • Espadrille sandals 

At The Main Street Exchange, we have an excellent selection of women’s shoes for the everyday woman. Whether you’re heading to work (or working from home), going out for the evening, or attending a worship service, we have options that will match your style and the season you’re in.

Our women’s shoe collection includes shoes for all seasons and occasions that look great with dresses and skirts. Here are some of the styles we offer:

  • Women’s sandals for warmer weather
  • Elegant women’s formal sandals
  • Women’s ankle boots and formal boots
  • Chic women’s sneakers

Here are some outfit ideas to try! 

  • Try pairing our stylish sneakers with denim skirt overalls or a floral dress
  • Wear our women’s formal sandals with a midi dress, lace dress, or long skirt
  • Try our ankle boots with your favorite denim skirt or a knee-length dress. 

With the right pair of shoes, you’ll have a pulled-together, effortless look for any occasion!

Speaking of putting together an outfit, there are some outfits that are easier to put together than others. Wearing pumps or heeled sandals with an elegant dress is an easy choice! But other style elements can be harder to work with, such as formal boots or sandals. Here are some style tips for the next time you’re stuck. 

How to style formal boots for women:

  • Wear black opaque or sheer tights with black boots during winter months. 
  • Try less formal boots, such as combat, lug, or Chelsea boots, with a feminine dress or skirt. A little bit of sock showing between your boots and leg can soften the look. 
  • Knee high boots can look good with short or long dresses and provide extra warmth. 
  • If you like to wear ankle boots with dresses, try a pair of tan ankle boots with a floral dress to keep the ensemble lighter. 

Tips for wearing formal sandals: 

  • Make sure your sandals are comfortable. Its no fun getting home after an event with blisters on your feet! 
  • Match your accessories. Think about your handbag, jewelry, or other accessories, and match them to your shoes. This pulls a whole outfit together! 
  • Choose quality materials. Sandals made out of high-quality materials elevate the whole outfit. 

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We are always available to answer questions about our available women’s shoes and fittings.  You can call us from 9-3 ET at 717.598.8309  we would love to talk with you and help you find the perfect pair of women’s shoes!