Garden House Candle Tin - Caramelized Fig

$ 8.99

Hello cutie! This mini candle tin is perfect for elevating any space!  Place it in your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom for a perfect finishing touch or include it in a gift bag for a dear friend. 

  • All natural soy product
  • Clean burning
  • Premium fragrance oil
  • No dye added

This soy wax candle is hand-poured in Pennsylvania not far from our brick-and-mortar location! Soy wax is a natural product and burns longer and cleaner than other waxes. 


  • Trim Your Wick to 1/4" Before Candle is Lit Each Time
  • Burn Candle So Wax Pool Reaches the Jar Edge Each Time to Prevent Wax Tunneling
  • Keep Candle Away From Fans, Open Windows, Hot Surfaces, Children, Pets
  • Never Leave a Burning Candle Unattended