These minimal/free form/asymmetrical wreaths are my absolute favorite cause you can't mess up - literally everything looks good! There are so many options and they look beautiful with a lot or just a little. You can use any hoops and any greenery and there's no limit to the embellishments if you use your creativity. 
What's your favorite addition to Christmas wreaths?
  • Floral Wire
  • Wreath Form (Macrame Hoop, Embroidery Hoop, etc...)
  • Wire Cutter
  • Greens
  • Shears


  • Start out with your hoop (Gold macrame hoops can be fairly expensive so you can buy any inexpensive hoops and spray paint them gold. You can also buy these wreaths from Ikea and take off the artificial floral and it ends up being cheaper than macrame hoops.)
  • Using small pieces of floral wire, start adding greenery at any point along the hoop and work your way backwards laying the top of the next piece on top of the stem of the last.
  • You can attach greenery the entire length of the hoop or do partial arrangements over corners or the base and finish off by adding berries, dried citrus, or whatever embellishments you have!
December 15, 2018 — Alt & Dot Collaborator

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