Aren't photoshoots where models get to play dress up, effortlessly pose in photogenic ways and a photographer snaps away?

Well, sort of... but a lot goes on behind the scenes to create the photos you see on our website, social media and emails!

Keep reading below for the inside scoop on photoshoots here at The Main Street Exchange!


1. Before: Photoshoot Prep

The process before the photoshoot actually happens usually takes about a month!

Clothing items are carefully chosen or designed to create a fresh new collection for the upcoming month.

Gradually, the chosen pieces arrive in the mail and are unpacked in the warehouse. After the garments arrive, a master sheet is created with all sizes and the order that the outfits will be photographed in.

A date for the photoshoot is decided, models are contacted, and the photographer and photoshoot space are booked.

Clothing and shoes are pulled in the correct sizes and all pieces are steamed to remove wrinkles!

Typically a photoshoot includes around 60 clothing items!


2. Shoot Day!

Today is the day the magic happens!

All shoes, clothing, and accessories are loaded up and taken to the shoot location. Staff arrive early before the models come to unpack all the pieces and make sure everything is in the correct order to keep the shoot moving along.

The models come at their scheduled time and get started with their first outfits.

All the models take turns shooting each outfit with the photographer and everyone takes a little lunch break! The rest of the looks are shot after lunch.

Fun fact: most of our photoshoots take around 4.5 hours!

3. After: Waiting For Photos

Once all the photos are taken for the day, staff members start packing things up and returning the photoshoot space to the way it was.

The photographer and models leave to go home and MSE staff return to the store and unload everything.

It typically takes a few days to tag and put away all the items used in the shoot and the photos get sent to us usually in two weeks!

Photoshoots are a fun opportunity we have to let our brand values shine!

We hope all Main Street Exchange clothing inspires you to confidently step into your everyday with purpose and joy in who God created you to be!


August 24, 2022 — Anna Heller

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