Welcome to the Fahnestock house!

A beautiful home, built by RE Fahnestock in the 1880's that is currently being brought back to life by Shannon, a dear friend of ours here at The Main Street Exchange! This house was a single family home, owned by one of the first drygoods store owners in Lancaster Pennsylvania!

Shannon has been married for 19 years to Rich, the love of her life and has 4 children ages 16 - 9. She's been a receptionist, waitress, photographer, homeschooling mom and currently, a remodeler/airbnb host extraordinaire.

Shannon said it took her a long time to figure out what her style is, but now says she would describe it as "organic, simple, but lux, earthy and old, but full of texture. I am very inspired by Euro/Scandi  design and am currently leaning towards the dark and moody."

When asked about color preferences, Shannon said she always gravitates towards shades of green and brown leather. And suddenly, I think those my favorites now too! 

I asked Shannon how she picks her art, cause she has some gorgeous pieces and she said she's partial to watercolors, but really it comes down to a simple personal thing, she just really has to love it!

Although it's still evolving and Shannon was slightly unsure, she calls the style of her house 


I asked where Shannon buys her pieces and she shared a few secrets with us. "My finds are mostly thrift. Huge fan of the Brimfield Flea, a massive antique show that happens 3 times a year in MA. Literally one of my favorite places on earth. I get my things either at Brimfield, Facebook Market place,  Craigslist or antique stores in the area. I just don't have the time right now to do a lot of thrift store shopping. We've also gotten a lot of our couches from our local West Elm outlet."

Shannon and her husband have done a ton of remodeling and here's the advice she gives, "The entire house was rewired, replumbed and most of the walls redrywalled or skim coated. All the woodwork was sanded down and repainted. It's taken us over 10 years and we are still working on the exterior. My advice is to go into it preparing for the long haul!  Whatever time you think it will take you, just go ahead and double it and that will probably be a little more realistic. We were hoping to be done in half the time, but unless restoring a home is your full time job, it's difficult to fit it in around other life happenings and commitments, As the remodel progressed I learned how to do alot of things myself, to help get things done while Rich was working his regular job. It really has helped to be a team working on it together."

Here's the coolest thing! If you're as in love with the Fahnestock house as we are, you can stay here! They currently have 3 flats available for guests to book! Book your stay here!

Want to follow along with the remodel? You can find Shannon on instagram HERE for continued inspiration!

May 08, 2019 — Alt & Dot Collaborator

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