New Year's Eve will be here right before we know it, and we all know, wearing the right outfit helps us step into the New Year with confidence and ready to tackle what comes our way! Not all NYE parties have the same crowds, so we have collected some ideas that will be sure to fit the occasion. 


It is pretty much every girls' dream to be invited to a fancy NYE party that she can get all glammed up for! If you are one of the lucky one's that got invited, we have the PERFECT dress for the occasion. Let the sparks fly in the Felicity dress and you will be starting off the next year with your best foot forward!


Some people love to ring in the New Year by getting a head start on their New Year's resolutions... enter the gym party complete with volleyball, ultimate frisbee, soccer (you get the gist). Finding the outfit that's the right mix of sporty and cute AND modest can be tricky. Lucky for you, we rose to the challenge with the Zoey Skort! Do not fear, you can participate in all the activities you want without worrying that your outfit won't be appropriate. Pair with a tee and cute neutral sneakers for a look that is always a winner in our book!


Whether we want to admit it or not, we all get to a point where we would rather go to bed at a reasonable hour than watch the ball drop at midnight! For the parent with young kids or the old soul who would rather keep things as low key as possible... this one is for you. Comfort comes first in the stretchy Sara denim skirt while the faded black wash keeps you in style as well! 


We've all been to that party where the host said "I only invited a couple people" and when you get there you can't even find a place to park because there are WAY more than a couple people. The key to making it through the night with party overload is to layer! Wear leggings under a skirt and the Monroe shacket over a tee so if you get so hot you can't take it anymore you can duck into the bathroom and remove some extra layers!


December 01, 2021 — Anna Heller

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