The minute someone mentions the chance of snow in the forecast, the mind of most women jumps into blizzard preparation mode. Do I have enough food on hand to last a week or two at home? Did I ever find that windshield scraper after I lost it last winter? What about my kids, did they outgrow their snow clothes?! Being prepared in the case of a snow storm is the goal, and that includes taking inventory of your warm winter clothes to make sure there is no need to run out and pick something up at the last minute. Read below for the staples that you will want to always keep on hand!

Cozy Tops

It seems obvious, but you really do not want to be without a thick sweater or sweatshirt when the weather gets ugly! You will be thankful you thought to stock up before the temperature drops. Look for tops that are thick with a relaxed fit. You want some wiggle room for a thermal base layer but you don't want it too big that you can't fit a cute coat on overtop! Breathable fabrics are your friend to keep from overheating in multiple layers!

Stretch Skirts

When you're wearing alllll the layers, you really need a skirt that allows room for fleece leggings AND tucking in your base layer top. That's where stretch skirts come in! A relaxed fit and subtle stretch are must haves for layering in cold weather. We love skirts that also have a tie waist, which add a casual and on-trend element! Look for neutral colors for versatility or a fun, bold color to make a statement against your simple layers!

Stylish + WARM Accessories

A snow day look is never complete without a cozy beanie, warm scarf or chic gloves! Accessories are the perfect way to elevate a snow day look from simple to sophisticated, depending on the style and materials of the accessory! Leather, wool or cotton gloves in a dark color are beautiful as well as practical, as they hide the inevitable dirt. A beanie in a color that compliments your hair color and skin tone can really highlight your face and make you look more awake! Look for scarves that are thick and warm without being itchy, or simply wear a turtleneck underneath and problem solved! Accessories take your look to the next level, and let you enjoy the snow in comfort!

We hope these tips were helpful and provide fresh inspiration for the next time the flurries start falling! Stay safe and make the most of the winter weather!

January 26, 2022 — Anna Heller

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