We are making history! Covid -19 is like nothing we've seen before! As businesses, schools, and social gatherings shut down we are asked to stay in our homes and stay healthy. For some of us, we secretly get excited - a much needed rest and a chance to completely, with zero guilt, clear our schedules. For other ones of us, boredom and isolation hit hard and this feels like a test of endurance. Regardless of where you find yourself, it's important for us to be intentional and remember to take care of ourselves.


Here's a list of ideas of things we're doing to help keep our minds, bodies, and spirits healthy during this time of social distancing.


Social media is a blessing and a curse and in times of social distancing, those blessings and curses are magnified. It can be a wonderful way to reach out and connect with people when you can't physically be with them but it can also rob you of your time/joy/motivation. We can so easily let media take over in a time like this, so try signing off of social media for an hour or two or three each day. Be honest with yourself - whatever you need to keep yourself healthy.


I'm sure many of you have already felt the urge to spring clean or nest or renovate your home! This is a perfect opportunity! Complete a home project you've been wishing to get done, organize a closet or drawer you've been avoiding, purge your wardrobe (or maybe who you follow on instagram), or thoroughly clean your floors.


Take care of your body! Challenge yourself to drink half your body weight in ounces every day. Eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible, go on a walk, find an in home workout online, or take a hot shower. Getting your circulation going can do wonders for your physical health and your mental! 


Taking time to write is important. Write in a journal or write some cards to out of state friends and family. Practice gratitude. Make a list of things you're grateful for and challenge yourself to send out 3 thank you text to people in your life.


Get creative! Find a youtube tutorial and do it! Read poetry, try a new recipe, create something and share it! Challenging yourself develops gifts.


Foster community. You can do this by reaching out to your neighbors telling them they are loved and not alone. Offer that they can contact you if they need anything. Maybe you can pick up groceries or carry out for any older neighbors so they don't need to leave the house. Send a text to a mom who may be needing encouragement with the kids home from school and unable to play with friends. Call your grandparents or any older people in your life that may be feeling lonely, scared, or isolated. 


If you're bored start a puzzle, listen to a science or history podcast, or have a 10 minute dance party in the living room! Watch the sunset as many evenings as possible and order carry out from local businesses that might be struggling to keep afloat during this time (bonus points if you walk to get carry out). 


Whatever you do, make sure to do it with love! We can all use a little extra grace, hope, and encouragement right now so be free with your affirmation and hold your loved ones close (and by close we mean no more than 6 ft apart).

Share these ideas with friends, make a covid-19 bucket list, turn these activities into a bingo game to play with others, or tell us what what you're up to! If you document any of these things, tag us - we would love to see! 

We are @themainstreetexchange on instagram and The Main Street Exchange on facebook


Take care of yourself - we love you!

March 26, 2020 — Alt & Dot Collaborator

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