White sneakers. Such a classic, go with anything, wardrobe staple for any shoe-lover. We love them because they pair perfectly with denim and athleisure wear as well as dresses and floral patterns. You can wear them year round and it feels like you can hardly go wrong with this choice.  

The only downside; keeping white sneakers white.  


Here are a few tips to keeping them bright through a summer full of wear and tear.

1. Wash them down in the tub/sink with water - get the largest pieces of dirt off while making the entire shoe wet. 

2. Make a solution. There are multiple options and you can use whichever you have on hand. A paste with two parts baking soda and one part hydrogen peroxide works well. You can also use part bleach and part water. Simple dishwashing soap is a great choice too!


3. Scrub. A common misconception is the harder you brush, the cleaner they'll get. That's not really the case. Brushing too hard will loosen the fabric of the shoe, giving it a 'worn out' look. An old toothbrush is the perfect bristle to use. Apply whatever solution you choose with the toothbrush using soft, rapid strokes. It won't harm the fabric and it helps the solution work it's way deeper into the sneaker. 


4. Sun dry. After your shoe has been scrubbed and covered in solution, set it out to dry in the sunshine. The sun has magical whitening powers and you'll be amazed at the visible difference! After 2-3 hours in the sun, bring them in and wash the solution off.  

5. Last but not least: the laces. You're going to want to hand wash these in a bowl of water and dish soap and then allow them to soak in the solution for a few hours.  If your laces are extra grimy, trying covering them with one of the solutions recommended above and let then dry for a few hours in the sun. 


And you're set! Tag @themainstreetexchange on social media if you show off your recently cleaned sneakers or if you know a friend who needs the tips. :) 


June 30, 2020 — Alt & Dot Collaborator

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