Father's day is June 21st this year and if you're anything like me, without a reminder, this holiday sneaks up and always leaves me wishing I had done a little more. Why is it that a fun, intentional, Father's Day celebration can be hard to pull off? Is it because Mother's Day gets the majority of our attention just the month before? Maybe it's because Dads can be so dang hard to shop for. Or maybe it's just because we weren't thinking about it ahead of time and ran out of time to prepare. Whatever the case, Fathers deserve to be celebrated and this blog post is designed to make that easy for you!

Below is a gift guide we put together of some of our favorite ideas to say, you are loved, seen, and appreciated. If you have additions to share, leave them in the comments - we'd love to hear more!



My number one recommendation is an Echo Dot. My husband got this for me for christmas and it has changed my life! It was one of my favorite gifts because i use it everyday and genuinely love it so much, but never knew I needed it - so it was a total surprise. 

The cool thing about an echo dot is that you don't need an entire smart home system to set it up. You can slowly add things like smart bulbs and switches for alexa to control, but if you're not into that, you can literally just plug the dot in, connect her to the wifi, and enjoy all her skills. 

Alexa (the name of the Echo Dot) responds to your voice commands, so even from another room, she can start music, adjust the heat, or tell you how many ounces in a cup. 

I'm so much more likely to listen to music or a podcast if, rather than finding my speaker, turning on the bluetooth, connecting to my phone, and starting a playlist, I just say, "Alexa, play my favorite music". It's also handy when I'm in the middle of a project and don't have my hands free to be able to ask Alexa a questions or tell her to set a timer for 10 minutes. We ask Alexa what the temperature is every morning when we're deciding how to get dressed - she's just a real dandy and we love having her in our home. 

Oh! I almost forgot! The best thing is that she's only $40!

Echo Dot


My second suggestion is to pamper your dad! Girls aren't the only ones who enjoy a spa experience and there are a lot of options that are more masculine and aren't all about makeup and roses. :)

There is a powerhouse muscle massage gun designed for athletes to provide deep massage and relieve sore spots and pain by stimulation blood flow and relaxing tight muscles. If your dad has a physically taxing job or even if it's an office job that creates tension in his neck and shoulders, this could be a winner. 

Therrapro Muscle Massage Gun

A foot spa is something my dad will never turn down. He's on his feet all day and they get cracked and sore, so a foot spa not only fills his acts of service love language, but relieves the pain in tired, achy feet.

You can gift him a 

-Pedicure Tub

This one includes bubble jets, heat, and pressure-node rollers for massage.

-Epson Salt

This salt contains tea tree oil and is designed specifically for a foot soak - the perfect addition to the pedicure tub.

-Foot Mask

After he's finished with the foot soak/massage, he can use these foot masks to nourish and hydrate. 

-House Slippers

A pair of comfortable house slippers he can slide his feet into at the end is the perfect conclusion. It's a nice addition to the feeling of being pampered and will last long after the foot spa is over, reminding him each evening that he's loved and appreciated. :)


Ok! Third suggestion! 

An Ember Mug

I don't know if your dad is like me, but he likes his coffee HOT. He will literally go microwave his coffee multiple times while drinking it, not because he's too busy to drink it quickly or he gets distracted between sips, it just can't stay hot enough for him over the time it takes to drink a mug full! So, if your dad is crazy in the same way mine is, or even if he just likes having a hot beverage available while he enjoys a long leisurely read, an ember mug is the perfect father's day gift. The ember mug is a temperature controlled mug and connects to an app on your phone. It has a heater in the base of the cup and will keep your beverage at the exact temperature you choose for up to an hour and a half - or indefinitely if you keep it on the charger. The charger is a coaster that he can keep on his desk or by his recliner and all he has to do is place the mug on the coaster for wireless charging. It's genius.


We hope that these suggestions can be helpful as you approach Father's Day but whatever you choose to do for your dad, we hope you're able to convey the fact that good father's are one of the greatest blessings in life and we want to celebrate that in whatever way we can! 

May 26, 2020 — Alt & Dot Collaborator

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