In order to make an informed choice when shopping for a new skirt, it can be very helpful to quickly go over commonly used terms relating to skirt silhouettes to help you narrow down your search! This helps you choose something that will flatter your shape and give you a boost of confidence. It's important to choose pieces you love and feel great in over what is 'trendy' at the moment, this will help you build a wardrobe that truly is YOU. Keep reading to brush up on your skirt lingo and give you some ideas of styles you can explore!

A-Line Skirt: This skirt silhouette typically is worn high-waisted and flairs slightly as it travels to the hem, mimicking the shape of a capital letter "A". This silhouette has a waist narrowing effect and creates a lovely feminine shape.

This skirt style is usually a go-to on pear body types. A cinched waist highlights your figure without being revealing, while the subtle A-shaped silhouette skims right over your curves and typically comes in a midi length. Try pairing an A-line skirt with a simple tee or blouse to let the A-line skirt shine!

Circle Skirt: A circle skirt is a more flared version of an A-line skirt. When you flatten the fabric of the skirt, it forms a perfect circle. This silhouette also has a narrowing effect on the waistline and typically is made from lightweight fabric that has a breezy look.

Similar to the A-line, the circle skirt typically works best on someone wanting to highlight their waist over other areas. Circle skirts are usually knee-length to midi and allow your legs to breathe, perfect for spring and summer. Try pairing your circle skirt with a lightweight top to create an effortless, coastal look. 

Maxi Skirt: This is a category that includes any floor-length skirt. An example would be any skirt that you have that falls at the ankles... which would be considered a maxi skirt. 

Maxis are a favorite for average height to tall ladies! Wear your maxi skirt high waisted to highlight the waist and pair with a more fitted top to create balance in a beautiful way. Maxis provide the most coverage, so always search using the key word 'maxi' if you want a longer skirt or dress.

Midi Skirt: This is another category and it includes medium length skirts with a hem that hits anywhere from below the knee to slightly above the ankle. Midi skirts are often calf-length and are versatile for everyday to formal.

A favorite of women of all ages and sizes, the midi skirt is practical, modest and elegant for any occasion. Style a high waisted midi by French tucking the bottom of your shirt into the top of the waistband. Look for midi skirts where the hemline falls at a flattering spot on your legs.

Pencil Skirt: This skirt type is fitted from waist to hips to hem, usually including stretch or a slit for ease of movement. This silhouette highlights the lower half of the body without being too revealing if purchased in the correct size. 

Pencil skirts are a timeless staple for women of all shapes and sizes. Look for options that are lined and are constructed from thicker material to avoid clinginess. Pencil skirts are particularly flattering when paired with a billowy top or oversized cardigan to contrast the slender structure of the pencil skirt.

Skater Skirt: A skater skirt is often knee-length and features a more flared A-line shape. This silhouette has a narrowing effect of the waist and creates beautiful when going about your day.

Skater skirts have a playful element that adds flair to any look. Pair your skater skirt with a slim top or tee, tucked in to define the waist. Skater skirts typically have a more casual essence so avoid pairing with a blouse that is too dressy.

Straight Skirt: This skirt has a rectangle shape with similar measurements from waist to hips to hem, moving in a straight line. This term is often used interchangeably with "pencil", however straight skirts are typically denim or another heavier fabric in contrast to pencil skirts which are usually more lightweight.

The straight skirt is clean and minimalist, a super on-trend style. The linear structure adds height and makes the legs appear longer without being overpowering. Pair a knee length straight skirt with a loose top and a longer straight skirt with a fitted top to create balance of silhouettes.

Tiered Skirt: This style features different fabric circles stitched together as you move down the hem. Typically makes the waist look narrow and deemphasizes the hips. Tiered skirts are often midi to maxi length and go-to in hot summer months.

Tiered skirts are such a fun addition to any wardrobe. Particularly great for spring and summer, tiered skirts create movement and won't cling to your body if you are sweating. Style your tiered skirt with a shorter shirt to emphasize the waist or tuck in a structured top. Avoid pairing tiered skirts with loose shirts as the extremely flowy shape wouldn't be flattering. 

Wrap Skirt: Wrap skirts wrap around the wearers' body, typically secured with a tie strap, highlighting the waist. Often come in linen, cotton or other natural fabric.

The wrap skirt: truly a summer essential. Toss on a slim fit top and sandals and you have your summer uniform. Wrap skirts create a beautiful shape on a majority of body types, and typically are a very flattering option.

June 29, 2022 — Anna Heller

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