Every woman wants to feel beautiful and stylish. 

We believe every woman should have access to affordable, practical and feminine clothing that emphasizes her God-given beauty while honoring her beliefs.

Modesty tends to go in and out of style quickly as the trends change in culture. Sometimes it seems as though there is a wide variety of more covering options in stores and other times it is tough to find something that you love and feel beautiful in.

At the Main Street Exchange, we seek to be a place that women can depend on to consistently find flattering options that enhance their confidence. You can also find inspiration and style tips! 

Today we pulled together some tips for styling a real classic: the denim skirt. 

We hope it helps get you inspired! 

8 Reasons To Love Denim Skirts

A quality denim skirt is a staple you can count on! Here are several reasons we love denim and jean skirts at The Main Street Exchange. 


There is almost no fashion item more versatile than a jean skirt. You can wear it for casual get-togethers, days out on the town, or even to the office. Dress it up with a blazer or down with a graphic T, and it’s great for any occasion! 


You can style a jean skirt for any season. Pair it with a white T-shirt in summer or leggings and boots in winter. It works anytime! 


Denim is not only neutral, versatile, and easy to wear, it lasts forever. A good denim skirt should be pretty easy to care for and last years. And did we mention you will never have to iron it?

Wondering why denim is so durable?

It all comes back to the way denim is woven, which is called the “twill weave.” The twill weave is an incredibly tough weave which forms a diagonal pattern. It’s this weave that sets denim apart from regular cotton and makes it so much more durable. 

However, “easy care” doesn’t mean “no care.” We will tell you exactly how to care for your skirts at the end of this article.  


Is there anything easier to pair with than denim? It looks good with everything from neutrals, solids, patterns, bold colors, leather, and statement tops. You probably already have quite a few pieces in your closet you could pair with a denim skirt. 


Pockets are great, aren’t they? They are a perfect place to stow your phone, a stick of gum, or an extra tissue, plus they give you something to do with your hands when you are feeling awkward. :) The unfortunate thing is that it’s hard to find modest women’s clothing with nice pockets.  

That is another perk of denim skirts! 


You can get so many different styles of jean skirts. They come in various lengths, from maxi to midi, so there is sure to be an option you feel comfortable with and is flattering for you.  

You will also find varieties of pocket and hem styles, lengths, colors, washes, and unique touches like embroidery.

With so many different styles, you are sure to find something that fits your unique personal taste. 


People have been wearing denim skirts for years because they are so versatile, durable, and easy to style. And it doesn’t look like they will be going out of style anytime soon! 

Because your skirt will be a staple in your closet for years to come, it may be worth investing a little more money in a good one upfront. Your investment will pay off over the years you wear your skirt regularly. 


Denim is a thicker fabric, so it doesn’t drape or show lines like some materials do. Also, since denim skirts come in different lengths, you are sure to be able to find a length that feels suitable to you. 

Overall, denim skirts are an excellent option for those who want to be modest without looking frumpy or out of style.  

“Types of Denim” Cheat Sheet 

There is a lot of variety with denim, and while denim skirts are acceptable for all times and all seasons, there are certain no-nos you should think about too. 

Here is a quick cheat sheet on some different types of denim and when to wear them: 

Dark (unwashed) denim

    • This denim appears dark blue, almost black, and isn’t very faded. It’s often a bit stiffer and looks smart and classy. 
    • Wear for: formal events or anything more dressy, especially in the winter and fall.  

Medium wash denim 

    • Medium wash denim is a shade or so lighter than dark wash and looks a little more used and casual. It’s pretty versatile and goes for just about anything.  
    • Wear for: formal or casual depending on what you pair it with.  

Light wash denim 

    • Light wash denim is pale blue, almost white, and looks well-used and faded. It’s a great choice for summer. 
    • Wear for: casual events, best during the summer and spring.

Colored denim 

    • Denim comes in a wide variety of other shades too! You can get white, black, or just about any color you want. The vibe of colored denim depends on the shade. 
    • Wear for: just about anything, depending on the color. 

Distressed denim 

    • Distressed denim looks like it has been well-worn. It may look faded and have rips and frays. 
    • Wear for: anything casual but not normally for formal events 

Denim skirts are really versatile, so use your creativity when styling an outfit. It’s hard to go wrong! However, these are some general guidelines for wearing different types of denim. 

11 Ways To Style A Denim Skirt

If you are not a fashionista, don’t worry! It is incredibly easy to style a denim skirt. In fact, it’s honestly pretty hard to mess it up. 

There are plenty of ways to go with these skirts, so here are some of our favorite ideas to give you some inspiration. 

Graphic T 

Let’s start simple and easy. 

For a comfy, casual look, pair your skirt with a graphic T. This creates a laid-back look perfect for chilling with friends or lounging around your house. 

Quick tip: For longer, fuller denim skirts, choose a t-shirt that fits you well rather than a baggy, oversized shirt. This gives balance to your look.  

Pair your skirt and t-shirt with casual sneakers or sandals to add to the relaxed vibe. 


One of the best things about denim skirts is how you can dress them up or down. While they can make great casual outfits, it’s also perfectly acceptable to wear them to formal events or even the office if you do it right. 

If you want to dress your skirt up, try it with a blazer. 

A brightly colored blazer over a neutral t-shirt can make your outfit pop! Alternatively, you could wear a bright or interesting top underneath a neutral blazer. 

Pair the blazer with flats, pumps, or boots to keep things polished and dressy. 

Neutral Tee

Style does not need to be complicated! 

If you want the simplest, easiest outfit ever, pair your denim skirt with a plain white or black t-shirt. Tuck it in at the waist, and, voila - it looks fantastic and makes any minimalist heart happy. 

Sandals or casual sneakers work well with this summery, minimalist look. 

Tee + Cardigan 

Denim skirts are acceptable for all seasons. For Fall and Winter, you could try wearing your skirt with a cardigan layered over a t-shirt. 

Any combination of t-shirt and cardigan you like could work. The cardigan could be long, short, neutral, or colored. 

You can add leggings and boots if it’s cooler or go bare-legged with ankle boots or casual sneakers.  


If you want an in-between casual and formal look, go for a button-down shirt with your skirt. Almost any button-down you like could work, plain or printed. 

Tuck your shirt in and pair it with sneakers or sandals to create a dressed-up-casual look. Or add boots or heels to keep it dressy. 


You can’t beat a comfy flannel plaid shirt! 

Thankfully, your plaid will go perfectly with a jean skirt. You could wear your plaid by itself, buttoned, or unbuttoned over a t-shirt. If you wear it over a t-shirt, you can take it off and tie it around your waist if you get warm. 

Denim jacket 

As odd as it sounds, denim over denim can be a thing. You can pair your denim skirt with a denim jacket and get away with it. 

In fact, if the shades of your jacket and skirt match, it’s called a Canadian tuxedo. Alternatively, your skirt doesn’t have to be blue denim. It could be colored, white, or black, all of which you could pair with a denim jacket. 

Adding a neutral, patterned, or colored t-shirt under your jacket could really make the outfit pop.  

Pullover + leggings  

How many pieces of clothing do you own that you can style equally well for all the seasons? 

That’s the fantastic thing about denim skirts! 

For winter, try your skirt with a warm, cozy pullover and leggings underneath. It’s super comfy, functional, and easy. If you want to make it more preppy, try wearing a button-down underneath your pullover. 

You could pair this look with knee or ankle boots or sneakers for a more casual feel for school or shopping. 

Romantic statement top 

For an evening out or date night, pick out something more special to wear with your skirt. A classy denim skirt could pair well with something silky or ruffly, maybe with a pattern or some color. 

Tuck it in and add some classy heels or boots to finish the look. 

Denim doesn’t have to be casual, and it goes with so much, so don’t be scared to try things! Go ahead and get creative with picking different statement tops to wear with your skirt. 

Denim skirt overalls 

A cute variation of the denim skirt is denim skirt overalls. You can pair an overall dress with a lot of the same things you pair with a denim skirt. 

With a turtleneck, button-down, t-shirt, or cute patterned top, overall dresses are great for everything from a formal brunch to a day out on the town with girlfriends! 

Colored skirt with neutral top 

Denim skirts aren’t necessarily all blue. They come in lots of different colors, too, and colored denim is perfect for pairing with a neutral sweater, t-shirt, or button-down. 

A colored skirt isn’t as versatile as a classic blue denim one, but switching things up every now and then adds some interest to your wardrobe. 

How To Care For Your Skirts 

We hope by now you have found some inspiration for what to wear with the skirts in your wardrobe! 

Another great thing about jean skirts is they tend to be affordable, especially since they last so long. If you take care of your skirt, it is an investment that should last for years. 

How can you take care of your skirt so it lasts a good long while? 

Here are a few quick tips: 

  • If your skirt has belt loops, never pull it up or adjust its position by the loops. Pull it up by the waistband, as this is a sturdier part of the garment that won’t rip as easily.
  • Wash your skirt as little as possible. Denim is a sturdy fabric that can easily stand up to a washer, but limiting the number of unnecessary washes you put your garment through helps extend its life. 
  • To wash your skirt: 
    • Use cold water 
    • Turn it inside out 
    • Check the pockets for anything unwanted (such as tissues) 
    • Wash it with similar colors 
    • Go easy on the detergent - detergent can be hard on denim!   
  • Do not dry your skirt in the dryer. Tumble dryers are the natural enemy of denim and contribute to wearing out. Line drying is better, just make sure it’s in a shady spot, as direct sunlight may fade your skirt’s color. Line drying may make your skirt stiff for a little while, but it won’t take long to soften up again. 

If you take good care of your denim, it should be a staple in your closet for years! 


Denim is a great choice for women looking for a versatile, stylish, and modest skirt. Your denim skirt will be a go-to for all occasions in all seasons! 

We hope this article gave you some great inspiration for how you could wear your skirt. 

If you are always on the lookout for beautiful, modest clothing, you would love The Main Street Exchange. Our mission is to help women feel beautiful while remaining modest and feminine. 

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