Everybody has different ways that they like to unwind. For some, lying on the beach for hours feeling the breeze and basking in the warm sun sounds unbeatable. Others shudder at the thought of staying in one location all day and would rather hike and camp and bike and explore everything that there is to explore. Whether you lean one way or the other (or tend to fall some where in-between), making sure you have all your bases covered for your family is essential to ensure everyone has a good time on your next family vacation.

1. Destination: All-Inclusive Poolside Resort

Vacation Vibe: When you're at home your family dashes from activity to activity to activity and struggles to catch up on your well-deserved rest and relaxation. So the ultimate, laid-back vacation sounds like a dream to you. You're looking to relax poolside with your favorite magazine and watch your kiddos splash around in the water. Remembering to reapply sunscreen is your only care! 

What to Pack:

The Cleo Skirt (coming soon) is the perfect pick for slipping over a swimsuit to kick back poolside, taking a little stroll to catch a bite at a cafe, or a chill excursion to visit the local town. The linen fabric and wrap style make the Cleo relaxed and elegant at the same time... the dream tropical location pairing.

Packing classic and versatile options for your family that can go from pool time, to dinner out, to evening entertainment keeps everything stress-free and simple. You'll want comfortable swimsuits, coverups and clothing in fresh and beachy colors. Neutral accessories (hats, sunglasses, sandals) ensure easy pairing with all your outfit options. 

2. Destination: Exploring a New City

Vacation Vibe: You and your family love to see the sights and take in the beauty of an unknown city. Art museums, historical sights, stunning parks... you want to experience it all. You're looking to try something new and keep your family happy and comfortable as you take to the streets!

What to Pack:

The airy fit of the Lillian Dress makes it the perfect choice for a full day in the Big Apple (or any other city)! Short sleeves and tiered midi skirt will keep you covered and comfortable for whatever the day brings. The Lillian effortlessly goes from musical theatre, to dinner with a view to riding the subway!

Comfort is key when planning outfits for a city trip, especially when there is a lot of walking involved. Be sure to pack comfortable sneakers and loose outfits for your family, walking around all day in something rigid might put a damper on the fun. Dresses or airy skirts are perfect options for the city in the summer as they allow you to catch a breeze while still maintaining a put-together look. Backpacks, cross body bags or fanny packs are great ways to keep all your must-haves in tow as you explore a new city. 

3. Destination: Outdoor Adventure

Vacation Vibe: Your family has a lot of responsibility in the everyday, so the ideal vacation for you is a well deserved trip free from cell service that allows you to unplug and unwind in the great outdoors. Barefoot and makeup free is how trips should be in your book and you and your kiddos can't wait to go hiking, biking, kayaking and more! Cooking outdoors and spending as much time as possible outside making memories is the goal for your relaxing family adventure.

What to Pack:

Perfect for your family adventure, the Zoey Skort comes with built-in leggings making it a must-have for a full day of keeping up with your kiddos. Breathable, lightweight fabric with stretch moves with you as you climb, bike, canoe or take a stroll through the woods.

Weather is a huge factor when planning for an outdoor vacation, you definitely want to have all your bases covered and be prepared for the possible downpour if it appears. You'll want to outfit your family in moisture wicking fabrics that dry quickly and keep your kiddos happy. Dark colors are your friend to avoid permanent staining when choosing what skirts and shorts to bring. Be sure and pack athletic sandals, raincoats and ball caps for each family member. Our athletic skorts are a great option for keeping you covered and comfortable as you adventure outside.

However you choose to spend your vacation weeks, know that investing quality time into your family is always the right choice. Building memories is a priceless gift that they will always cherish!

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May 17, 2022 — Anna Heller

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